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Outsource to Armenia

Hello and thank you for your interest towards this initiative. It started as a quick response to the difficult situation in Armenia caused by the war in Artsakh - Nagorno Karabakh.

"OutSource to Armenia" was initiated by a group of professional from various backgrounds with a certain aim to become a link of effective communication and collaboration between Armenian Diaspora and the talent on the ground - Armenia and Artsakh. The idea comes from Seda Papoyan, the managing director of Girls in Tech Armenia, but the initiative is not limited to technology only. This is planned to be a growing platform for a sustainable economic development of Armenia and Artsakh!


Opportunities in Armenia

Dear Members, Dear Associates, Dear Friends,

Attached you can find an Invitation for Pre-qualification regarding a procurement of services announced by the Armenian Government for a road construction,

that is also open for interested construction companies from abroad.

Please feel free to circulate this information among your colleagues, indicating to request further information via the contact provided in the attached document.

Հայաստանի ներդրումային, այդ թվում՝ ոլորտային գրքույկներ՝

Հայաստանի ներդրումային շնորհանդես՝



Invest in a Small and Medium business in Armenia


Seco Start-up Fund

The SECO Start-up Fund provides loans to investors with residency in Switzerland in order to co-finance the initial investment or first expansion phase of a business. Financing by the SSF is in the form of a loan that must be repaid within 5 years


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